WeChat, China’s most popular social media platform, has passed the one billion monthly active user mark.

Businesses interact with users on WeChat through WeChat official accounts.

For a WeChat user, adding an official account can be done with one click. The communication can be the same way like it between friends. This makes WeChat as a customer service platform.

WeChat provides an open platform to build their own apps on top of WeChat basically ‘apps within an app’ model, which is much cheaper and easier. The cost of user acquisition is also far lower.


Chinese users spend approximately one third of all their time on mobile in WeChat. That presented a huge opportunity to build extra features and functionality on top of the basic messaging experience. And it was many of these features that hit the China market at exactly the right time, met the needs of local users perfectly, and helped propel WeChat to becoming the juggernaut that it is today. Classic examples include Shake-shake, Friends Nearby, Walkie-Talkie, QR Codes, Official Accounts, Mini-Programs, and of course WeChat Pay.

WeChat Pay

The future and focus of WeChat will not be about gaining more new users, it will be about embracing it’s stated vision to “Connect people to people, people to services, people to businesses, and people to objects.”

The digitalization of daily life continues at rapid pace in China through trends such as mobile payments, online-to-offline services, the sharing economy, smart retail and digital ID cards. WeChat acting as China’s great universal connector is at the very center of all of this and showing little sign of relinquishing its place at the forefront of Chinese innovation.


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