We build valuable brands via WeChat. Weibo and Baidu to sell to Chinese consumers on line

A Few Words About Us

Online Marketing, Market Research and Strategy for China.

Compass Business Digital is a full-service marketing, research and online agency that has delivered successful projects for clients across a wide range of industries. Our tools, advice and execution help international businesses entering China, as well as brands already in the market who are looking to grow their share. Compass Business Digital ’s team will take the time to understand your objectives and then deliver the most effective solutions to meet and exceed your goals.

What We Do

Social Media
We deliver brand-first social media strategies on Weibo, WeChat and beyond to engage, excite and convert high-value audiences.
We works with a select network of eCommerce partners at Alibaba, Tencent, JD.com and others to make the China online opportunity tangible and profitable.
Mobile Marketing
Generate your mobile marketing strategy, and enable you to reach your Chinese audience via app localization and promotion.
Digital Marketing
We are focused on encouraging target audience behaviours and grounded in business objectives. We help clients initiate contacts with prospective customers in the digital world during the most opportune time.
Web Design
Designing China-optimised websites, containing content that is relevant for each stage of customer journey, that is likely to engage visitors, be shared, and ultimately lead to conversion.
Digital Branding
We remain true to clients’ global brand DNA, while developing China-localised core messaging, brand voice and visual identities that are tailor-made for maximum resonance with the target market.
China Online PR
We works directly with chief editors and online content directors at China’s leading media organisations to deliver targeted online PR strategies for China.
Increasing your website’s presence in search engines such as Baidu, 360, Shougo and other online channels, defining the right balance between paid, earned and owned media

Jack Ma

founder and CEO of Alibaba

That philosophy served Alibaba, now a Chinese e-commerce behemoth, well in its early days fending off competition on its home turf from online marketplace eBay.

When we see something is coming, we have to prepare now," Jack Ma said. "My belief is that you have to repair the roof while it is still."

Pony Ma

founder and CEO of Tencent

“We don’t provide a mall, we will not rent out this counter to allow you to do business,” Pony Ma explained, “Instead we allow you to build your own house. After you built it, your fans, your clients are all yours, you don’t need to pay monthly rent, you don’t need to worry about yearly inflation, this is decentralization, I hope that everyone can understand.”


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